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Firestarter Vodka

I ran out of vodka for my dirty vodka martinis! What's a girl to do? Go to the liquor store to get some more... which is exactly what I was doing when I saw Firestarter Vodka.

Packaging: Clearly the most amazing part! It is packaged to look like a fire extinguisher, complete with a pin you have to pull before using and plenty of warning signs saying "This is not an actual fire extinguisher".

Mild Disappointment: The vodka doesn't spray out! It pours.

The Taste: It's 5x filtered so it promised to be pretty yummy and it delivered. I made my dirty vodka martinis and they were quite delicious.

The price: $18 for the bottle (price varies depending on where you are)... so it was comparable price to Smirnoff or SKYY.

Bonus: Having this out definetely is a conversation starter.